Family Focused Teen Driving School

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Life Matters

We educate and train Teen Drivers with skills that enable them to Arrive Alive Every Time They Drive™ in our family focused teen driving school.

Because Teen
Lives Matter

  • We educate and train parents how to “lead by example” and coach their teen so families Arrive Alive Every Time They Drive.™
  • We are the best teenage driver training school in the country.

Your teenager will be better prepared for driving on our roads today because of our specialized course instruction designed to educate them on  real world situations and conditions.  We know because our alumni parents tell us that we are the best teenage driver training in the country!

Because Your
Life Matters

  • Every life is precious and holds tremendous value and purpose.
  • We help parents and teens develop safe driving habits and behaviors that preserve and protect that value.

For Teen Drivers, the stakes are high and the risk is grave:

  • Driving is the number one cause of death for teenagers in America.
  • Over 400,000 teens are injured in crashes each year.
  • Over $40 billion is spent on medical and damage costs each year.
  • Nearly 80% of all fatal teen crashes result from simple and preventable driver error.

We exist to be the solution that ends these tragic statistics Because Life Matters

We believe:

  • Driving is a Privilege.
  • Safe Driving is a Responsibility.
  • Arriving Alive is a Choice.

Register your teen for our real road skills and defensive teen driving course because your and your Teen’s Life Matters!register-button

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Who we are:

Teen Driving Solutions is a registered nonprofit whose mission is to eliminate teenage driver deaths in automobile accidents in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina (with a vision to serve all states in our country).  We offer advanced driving courses for teens and their parents, safe driving advocacy and volunteer for speaking engagements focused on teen driving, distracted driving, and parent-teen communication skills.