Family Focused Teen Driving School

Family Focused Teen Driving School Graduation PhotoBecause
Life Matters

  • We educate and train Teen Drivers with skills that enable them to Arrive Alive Every Time They Drive™ in our family focused teen driving school.

Because Teen
Lives Matter

  • We educate and train parents how to “lead by example” and coach their teen so families Arrive Alive Every Time They Drive.™

Because Your
Life Matters

  • Every life is precious and holds tremendous value and purpose.
  • We help parents and teens develop safe driving habits and behaviors that preserve and protect that value.

For Teen Drivers, the stakes are high and the risk is grave:

  • Driving is the number one cause of death for teenagers in America.
  • Over 400,000 teens are injured in crashes each year.
  • Over $40 billion is spent on medical and damage costs each year.
  • Nearly 80% of all fatal teen crashes result from simple and preventable driver error.

We exist to be the solution that ends these tragic statistics Because Life Matters

We believe:

  • Driving is a Privilege.
  • Safe Driving is a Responsibility.
  • Arriving Alive is a Choice.

Register your teen for our quality and real world curriculum based Teen Driving School today, because your and your Teen’s Life Matters!

Teen Driving Solutions School’s, a registered nonprofit, mission is to eliminate teenage driver deaths in automobile accidents in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. We offer advanced driving courses for teens and their parents, safe driving advocacy and volunteer for speaking engagements focused on teen driving, distracted driving, and parent-teen communication skills.

Need more information to make an educated decision about bringing your teenager to us?  Take a look at this teen driving school comparison chart to help you make the best choice!


  1. Denise Wilborn

    This is an awesome course for teens, who are beginning to get on these crazy roads we have today, as well as their parents. These are some wonderful, dedicated people who are teaching this course and the coaches, volunteer their time to assist with the driving part. They are former or are race car drivers who drive on tracks like are at VIR (Virginia Intern’l Racetrack). There is also a retired highway patrolman that volunteers his time to teach one of the sections of the course. This is the only course that gives you more time under the wheel than in the classroom, cause that’s where you learn best. I even learned from this course. I hope this course will keep my child from being a statistic. That’s why registered for this course and it is WELL worth every dime and every minute you spend doing this course. Hopefully what my child learned this past weekend will help him to get out of a situation if presented with it and may save his life. They do not teach teens to be excellent drivers, but they do give them situations that may help them to be prepared to be better drivers. So please, if you have a child who has just gotten their permit or is just getting out there alone with the license they are given with minimal experience of everyday life driving, or even if they have been driving for a year, by all means, please sign up to take this course. I promise you, you will not regret it. Its a FUN, LEARNING experience that you will never regret when giving up a full weekend to participate. KUDOS to the whole team that was in on this course and thank you for your time.