About Our Teenage Driving School

Our Teen Driving School’s Mission is:

For teen and parent drivers to “Arrive Alive Every Time They Drive™” by being the:

  • National resource that challenges the attitudes of society about the requirements for driving,
  • Voice that influences regulators and legislators,
  • Teen Driving School that facilitates statistically measurable reductions in teenage vehicle fatalities and injury crashes,
  • Teen Driving School that educates families on the mental aspects of reducing a driver’s risk and physically connects them with the vehicle through intense in-car training.

Our vision is:

To forever remove automobile crashes as the number one cause of death for teenagers in America.

We Believe:

  • Safe driving begins in the mind by forming an attitude of Respect.  Respect for LIFE and the value life holds.  Respect for the vehicle you drive and the life and property that surrounds you each time you drive.
  • Safety is best achieved by creating the desire to BE a safe driver, not by just trying to DO what you’ve been taught will keep you safe.
  • Attitudes form behaviors-instruction alone does not.

We change attitudes about driving through our real life based training focused on safe, responsible driving behaviors.

American road systems can be dangerous but more can be done to keep people safe.  We use expert communicators who are also excellent drivers to not only teach teenagers, but often more importantly – to reach them! Our team knows how to work with teens and make a difference in the level of respect they have when getting behind the wheel. Our entire staff is committed to helping teens throughout North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia – and one day across the country – be safer, smarter and more responsible drivers.

We are a nonprofit community based organization and we invite and encourage you to experience what we have to offer for teenage driving solutions. The teen drivers and parents who have come through our program have changed their lives and most will be happy to tell you so. See for yourself!

Our teenage driving students are our family!  Join us and become part of our family today.