Requirements & Faq’s

Driving Class Requirements and FAQ’s

General Requirements:

If student is under 18, a signed copy of the “Minor Indemnity Agreement”. If student is 18 (or older), a signed copy of the “Individual Indemnity Agreement”.

Modest apparel. Please dress modestly and comfortably. No halter tops or swimwear. Shorts are permitted but we recommend shirts that cover your shoulders (T-Shirts).

Many exercises will force you against the seat belt and shirts that cover your shoulder area will prove much more comfortable by the end of the seminar.

Closed Toe Shoes. No student will be allowed to drive with flip-flops, clogs or any type of open toe shoe.

Helmets are NOT required.

Age Requirements: We accept students who are at least 15 years old. Permits or driver licenses are NOT a requirement. Vehicles and Instructors: Training vehicles will be provided for the students use during all training exercises.

Each student will be assigned to a specific Instructor who will accompany them in the vehicle during all driving activities. In most cases, there will be two students per Instructor/vehicle.


Lunch will be provided for each student. Additionally, bottled water will be available throughout the day in coolers placed around the facility and training courses.

How long is each Seminar?

Classes begin at 8:00 a.m. and conclude at 5:30 p.m.

Can Parents attend and observe?

At least one parent must attend with their teenager. Both parents are encouraged to attend together.  Additionally, parents will be invited to ride with their teens through the graduation exercises at the end of the day. Instructors and staff are always on hand for questions and we encourage parents to get acquainted with our instructors.

Will this Seminar make my teen a safer driver?

The Teen Driving Solutions School Course is an achievement based training program that places a primary focus on developing mental skills for safe driving. What each student gains from this program will be determined by level of interest and attention they give to the classroom and driving instruction presented.

Our goal is help teenage drivers change the way they “think” about driving by exposing them to the truth about the risk’s they face, providing them with a realistic understanding of their current limitations and teaching them basic control skills to help them understand how to safely control a vehicle. Students who come prepared to learn will gain significant insight for what is required to Arrive Alive.

Students, both parents and teens, who apply the instruction we provide to their daily driving experiences will certainly achieve a measurable reduction in the risk associated with driving an automobile. However, as judgment and decisions are personal choices, only those students who commit to using the principles we teach will ultimately develop safe driving habits and skills. Safe driving is ultimately a choice that begins in the mind of every driver before they get behind the wheel.

As we tell our students, choose wisely, it may be the last choice you make.