Mobile Driving Clinic

Free Driving Clinics for Schools and Community Events

Mobile course shows teens the hazards of distracted driving

Teen Driving Solutions School, a Raleigh, N.C.‐based organization aims to reduce the number of teen deaths from car crashes –

Safe Teen Driver Training

the leading cause of death for this age group. As

part of that mission, we offer schools, community groups and civic events completely free driving clinics led by our dedicated staff of instructors. These clinics put young adults behind
the wheel of a car, coached by our instructors, for a two minute test. By the time each student finishes they see
how dangerous texting and other distracted driving can be.

Our team travels to your school or community and sets up our mobile course. Typically these clinics are held in a
parking lot and last from two to four hours, depending on the number of students. Participants must have a learner’s
permit or driver’s license and have a basic understanding of vehicle control.

Teen Driving Solutions School Student PhotoProtecting teen drivers: it’s who we are. TDSS focuses on one primary goal: lowering the number of teenage
deaths due to crashes. As part of its mission, the nonprofit offers the above mentioned clinics, safe driving
advocacy, and advanced drivers safety classes for teens and their parents. These two‐day programs include
behind‐the‐wheel training to improve vehicle control and a classroom curriculum focused on mental skills.

TDSS instructors have a proven success rate! Following instruction in all of our advanced driving safety courses, only one of our teens has since been in a crash. That student has retaken the course and successfully averted any further incidents since. Our team wants to continue sharing their experience and the clinic is an easy way to help teens in your area stop distracted driving.

Reach out for more information and to book a clinic today: 919‐881‐7922 or email.

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