Join Our Parent Booster ClubParent Booster Club - Save Teen Lives

Parents are a vital part of the Teen Driving Solution School experience.

You know how important our work is because you have seen the impact on your family, not just your teenage driver. Safer drivers and better family communication are our goals.

One parent summed it up on our Facebook page:

My husband and son feel like part of the family! They both raved about how much they learned this weekend, and we will pass your info on to everyone we know!

You are part of our family, and an important one at that.

We need your help to share our mission and our passion.

We need you to be a part of our Booster Club!

Here’s how:

Sports teams have Booster clubs. Bands and choral societies have them as well. We believe TDSS should have a booster club too. Our club is not about fundraisers, rather it is about sharing our message with those to whom you are connected.

TDSS is a movement intended to prevent unnecessary and preventable teen driving deaths.

Now that is a movement we think any parent can get behind!!!

Any parent that has placed their teenager behind the wheel of the car is eligible to be one of our Boosters, whether you have been through our program or not. You know firsthand how stressful it can be when your teen is learning to drive. You understand that the value of a child’s life is priceless, which is why we are heartbroken whenever we read a story about a preventable driving death.

Who should join:

  • Program alumni
  • Concerned adults
  • Anyone who cares about teen driving safety
  • Your company may even want to be a special booster, by becoming a school sponsor. Click here for more details.

When you seek advice about your teenager, often the most trusted sources are other parents. They are experiencing many of the same things you are. You have tremendous influence to help spread our mission. When you tell our story and your experiences, your friends listen.

Our reach is limited, but with your help we can influence far more people together.

The most powerful movements are those that grow organically because lives have been changed.

Help us by telling how TDSS changed not just your teen’s driving habits, but your family. You became part of our family at the Driving School.

Can you help our family grow and save teen lives in the process?

  1. We promise to make sharing the movement easy.
  2. You can commit to five minutes a day.
  3. You can commit to writing about or videoing your experiences and sharing them.

Here are a few ways you will be able to help.

  • Follow us on Twitter and retweet what interests you
  • Be our fan on Facebook and share our stories that interest you
  • Send an email to friends of new teen drivers encouraging them to spend a weekend with us
  • Help us find sponsors from within your circle of influence
  • Write a blog post for us about what you are experiencing behind the wheel and how the school helped you
  • Share stories/links/picture that you see that we can use on social media. They can be funny, insightful or lessons to be learned.

Below is an application to join. It takes just a few minutes. Tell us how you plan to help.

Join Our Parent Booster Club

  • Click the entry box to make multiple selections. You can make one selection at a time and it will show up in the box.

Occasionally you will receive an email about special things you can do to help spread the message, or a newsletter that you can forward to prospective families.

Go ahead and join us:

We welcome you to our expanded family of helpful, passionate boosters and savers of teen lives!

Dan, Chuck, Dar, and Brian