Testimonials From Our Graduates

Sam Ghormley

My son, Sam and I attended the TDSS class in July 2015. He had just received his license and had just turned 18. The class was an absolute eye-opener for him and was able to teach things I couldn’t legally or practically do on the street. I had to learn them on my own by trial and error. Things such as the skid pad demonstrating over/under steer effects and emergency maneuvers at speed on the track. Being able to conduct those events and others increased not only Sam’s confidence behind the wheel but also mine in his abilities to react properly in an emergency situation. With a solid foundation and the addition of TDSS, he has never been involved in an accident and as far as I am aware has never had a ticket. The parent classes were also useful and provided discussion points between parents and kids. Getting the parents behind the wheel was a bonus and showed how bad habits can crawl into daily activities. When Sam’s younger sister is ready, I’ll be back with her. Thank you.

Ralph Ghormley
May 31, 2018

Amazing training and group of professionals

I brought my son to this course 5 years ago, just after him getting his license. Not only did he walk away from the class with some great driving skills that will last forever, so did I. These professionals took the time to teach and show both the parents and the children techniques that are important to everyone. I hope that in 4 years I will be able to bring my youngest daughter to this course so that she can learn from the best. Thank you for everything you have done for my son Devin and for all the young drivers (and us old ones too).

Norman Gilbert
May 31, 2018


Wow.  I don’t think I’ve walked away from a program of any type with such immense respect for the people who run it and the final product as I have for TDSS.  This group is SPOT ON in its curriculum and its implementation.

They’re absolutely committed to their mission, and it shows.  The instructors know how to talk to teens and how to appeal to them.  On top of that, they know how to drive, and they know how to drive well.   My daughter walked away from this program with new driving skills and with an *appropriate* confidence level.  I walked away with new skills to work with my teen as she navigates this huge responsibility we call driving.  I simply cannot ive it enough praise.  Worth the investment, many times over. ~ Kristy Bivens Hansen

May 16, 2018

Life Changing Experience

Life changing experience for my son AND for me.  I’ve never driven the same since.  Elsie Kappler

November 18, 2017

Wow – Real Eye Opener

My 16 year old son and I attended this past weekend  This was a real eyeopener.  I wasn’t expecting this much training and was so pleased.  Everyone on the staff was amazing and really cared about us.  You could tell that they are very passionate about this cause and come with a lot of experience and knowledge.  I recommend this to every driver.  ~ Kathleen Volk Kirk

October 11, 2017

Absolutely the Best $ We Spent

Absolutely the best $ we spent on my kid’s education so far!  We drive every day!  And take it for granted that our kids received a good enough “drivers’ ed” at their school when, in fact, they did NOT – drivers’ ed does not prepare kids for the road!

Teen Driving Solutions School is run by the most passionate and caring people and I was so impressed with the entire weekend course  My kids learned how it feels to drive on ice and rain and even know how to maintain their cars!  So much great information shared and we had a BLAST!  Really fun to drive the cars on the course (parents too!).  Can’t say enough about the weekend.  ~ Debbie Long

October 10, 2017