Testimonials From Our Graduates

Absolutely the Best $ We Spent

Absolutely the best $ we spent on my kid’s education so far!  We drive every day!  And take it for granted that our kids received a good enough “drivers’ ed” at their school when, in fact, they did NOT – drivers’ ed does not prepare kids for the road!

Teen Driving Solutions School is run by the most passionate and caring people and I was so impressed with the entire weekend course  My kids learned how it feels to drive on ice and rain and even know how to maintain their cars!  So much great information shared and we had a BLAST!  Really fun to drive the cars on the course (parents too!).  Can’t say enough about the weekend.  ~ Debbie Long

October 10, 2017

“I recently signed my 16 year old daughter up for Teen Driving Solutions. The instructors were very knowledgeable and friendly. The classroom and hands-on was the best driving experience that I had seen at VIR. My daughter is more confident in her driving skills since she attended the Teen Driving Solutions. I would recommend the class to everyone.” ~ David Crumpton, Director of Emergency Services Virginia International Raceway

November 24, 2015

I can’t express enough my appreciation for all the work you all put into this weekend. It was amazing to watch Camyns transformation over the weekend. I too learned so much that I have already started applying to other relationships in my life. I also appreciate the opportunity to speak to the participants. I received several inquiries while there that I am confident will lead to sales. ~ Thanks again, Miles Huneycutt

November 23, 2015

Dr.Dar, I wanted to thank you for your time this weekend. It truly was insightful and I have already started implementing listening skills to my relationships. I truly believe that you have not only helped me with my daughters, but have also helped my relationship with my spouse. The “un-communicated expectations ALWAYS leads to disappointment” particularly hit home. ~ Miles Huneycutt

November 23, 2015

Thank you so much for this program. My daughter went through this at VIR and I highly recommend it for every teen and every parent. She had not wanted to drive because of a death of a very close friend at 16 and your program taught her to feel so confident about her driving. ~Thank you so very much for your program. ~ Wanda Purdy

November 22, 2015

“After learning about a recent tragedy in Wake Forest the week before graduation (3 teens were killed in a high speed crash) I want to do everything that I possibly can as a parent to protect the welfare of my daughter. The price is a small price to pay to protect our children. We’re already signed up…can’t wait.” ~ David Melhado (Raleigh, NC)

November 22, 2015