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We are the best teenage driver training school in the country.

Your teenager will be better prepared for driving on our roads today because of our specialized course instruction designed to educate them on  real world situations and conditions.  We know because parents tell us that we are the best teenage driver training in the country.

We require Parent Involvement, therefore one parent must attend with their teenager.

*  If you are registering more than one teenager, please complete this form for each teenager attending.
To learn more before you register for our teenage driver training, take a look at our comparison chart.

Registration Form

Thank you for registering yourself and your teen in our Safe Driving Course. Please submit the following information to provide additional details we need about you and your teenager along with your payment to secure your seats in your selected course date. Thank you!

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  • Enter the Parent Information for the parent who is attending the event with their teenager please.
  • Please provide your email address so that we can send you additional information in preparation for your attendance at our school.
  • Please provide your best contact phone number in case we have additional questions in preparation for your attendance at our school.
  • We love to celebrate birthdays...provide us with your birth day and month.
    Select the date you would like to secure a seat for you and your teen. (A 2nd parent can attend for an additional $195).
  • Understanding your purpose for enrolling in the program helps us ensure we deliver according to your expectations.
  • Emergency Contact Information

    It is important to us to have emergency contact information on hand for precautionary measures. Provide contact information for those who will NOT be attending the event with their teenager.

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