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Your Teen’s Driving Skills are the Your Responsibility as the Parent!

Not Drivers Ed, or the School System or even the Government!

Currently, teens take basic driver education at school. In most states, that’s 30 hours of classroom education and 6 hours “behind the wheel.” The

Teen Accidentprimary focus of this training is to give teens the knowledge they need to pass the driver examination. This is a fundamental problem and the perspective needs to change to making sure our teens arrive alive, every time.

That responsibility falls to you, the parent.

However, before a 16- or 17-year-old teen driver can take that exam and receive their provisional license, they must complete 50-60 hours of driving with you, their “supervised driver.”

Which means that you are responsible for teaching your teen:

  • Basic driving operation
  • Safe driving techniques
  • Sound judgment and good decision-making, especially under pressure
  • How to operate a 3,000 – 4,500 pound machine in real-life road and traffic conditions

The statistics add even more pressure on you as a parent of a teen driver:

  • In the U.S., driving is the #1 cause of death among teens.
  • Each year, 400,000 more teens are injured, according the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The cost of these crashes exceeds $40 billion dollars annually; that affects your own pocketbook in insurance and car maintenance costs.

Here’s what parents say after having attended our Teen Driving Solutions School:


Two days ago (Sunday the 21st) we returned from a two day class where as you know, my daughterTeen Driving Solutions School attended your school for the second time. (after being involved in a serious accident in which was not her fault so the second time around was to build confidence after being in such a traumatic accident).  This morning on her way to school, she was passing a road that dead ends into the road she was traveling on.   Apparently a car was approaching from the right and decided it either wasn’t necessary to stop at the stop sign and wait for traffic before turning right or simply didn’t see the stop sign. In either case, the car slid through the stop sign and entered her lane IMMEDIATELY at the point my daughter was driving by. She was aware of her surroundings and instinctively swerved her Jeep and drove around the eminent danger she was about to encounter. When she came home, she was a bit shaken but you could see her enthusiasm as she explained how she used the correct steering technique to defensively drive her Jeep.

I can honestly say if it weren’t for the skills she learned and practiced on the track at Teen Driving Solution, she would have fallen victim to yet another accident which was not her fault.   I thank you for teaching the skills that prevented my daughter from yet another mishap.  As a parent, I urge other parents to consider that what our children learn in driver’s education classes in this country is simply not enough and where they leave off, Teen Driving Solution picks up the slack.  My sincerest THANKS!   ~ Mark Mahoney, Charlotte, NC

Teen Driving Solutions School Understeer on Skid Pad
“After learning about a recent tragedy in Wake Forest the week before graduation (3 teens were killed in a high speed crash) I want to do everything that I possibly can as a parent to protect the welfare of my daughter. The price is a small price to pay to protect our children. We’re already signed up…can’t wait.” ~ David Melhado (Raleigh, NC)

Thank you so much for this program.  My daughter went through this at VIR and I highly recommend it for every teen and every parent.  She had not wanted to drive because of a death of a very close friend at 16 and your program taught her to feel so confident about her driving.  ~Thank you so very much for your program.  ~ Wanda Purdy

Teen Driving Solutions School Oct 23, 2011 Students and Parents
Dr.Dar, I wanted to thank you for your time this weekend. It truly was insightful and I have already started implementing listening skills to my relationships. I truly believe that you have not only helped me with my daughters, but have also helped my relationship with my spouse. The “un-communicated expectations ALWAYS leads to disappointment” particularly hit home.   ~ Miles Huneycutt

Teen Driving Solutions School Lane Change Exercise
“I recently signed my 16 year old daughter up for Teen Driving Solutions. The instructors were very knowledgeable and friendly. The classroom and hands-on was the best driving experience that I had seen at VIR. My daughter is more confident in her driving skills since she attended the Teen Driving Solutions. I would recommend the class to everyone.” ~ David Crumpton, Director of Emergency Services Virginia International Raceway

Teen Driving Solutions School Thank YouI can’t express enough my appreciation for all the work you all put into this weekend. It was amazing to watch Camyns transformation over the weekend. I too learned so much that I have already started applying to other relationships in my life. I also appreciate the opportunity to speak to the participants. I received several inquiries while there that I am confident will lead to sales. ~ Thanks again,  Miles Huneycutt



  1. My son, Adam, and I went through the class this past Saturday and Sunday and the course content and driving skills were learned were well above my expectations. Adam’s confidence and ability to drive within his limits increased 2 or 3 fold. Knowing what I know now I’d pay twice what I paid, and the ultimate payoff may actually be priceless.

    Dave Ramsey

  2. Jeremy Aker

    Dear Dan, Chuck, and Dave,

    Highest praises to your program this morning!
    The training we both had at the Advanced Teen Driving on July 27-28 surely saved our bacon on the way home form the grocery store last night. I was driving my Jeep Wrangler with Brian in the passenger seat in the right lane of north bound on Atlantic Ave. in Raleigh following a box truck. As the box truck approached Bojangles it signaled a right turn, drifted into the right turn lane, and executed a lazy turn into the Bojangles parking lot. It was then that a Lexus sedan waiting to turn left from Bojangles onto south bound Atlantic Ave. decided it was go time. The truck had obscured our view of each other. Thanks to practice at your course, training kicked in! I managed a quick toot on the horn as I wrenched the wheel to take the open left lane, feathered the gas the settle the rear end, and prepared for the era-splitting sound of the Lexus clobbering the Jeep’s right rear and the resulting leftward rotation of the Jeep’s rear. Fortunately, the Lexus driver heeded the horn and slammed on brakes. I can’t be certain of how close we came — my attention was immediately focused on getting to my escape route — I assume it was inches. It was close enough that Brian was compelled to search the right rear of the Jeep for damage when we got home. How grateful we are this morning to not be in hospital, banged and bruised, filing insurance claims, and looking for a new car!

    It’s an amazing program that you run and I am so glad to have participated!

    Jeremy Aker

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