Who we are:

Teen Driving Solutions’ mission is to eliminate teenage driver deaths in automobile crashes in our country.

Teen Drivers leave our school equipped with the necessary skills to Arrive Alive Every Time They Drive™.

Our family-focused teen driving school includes a special parent program where they learn how to:

  • Shift how they communicate in the car with their teen so they are heard,
  • Learn the same skills their teens learn so they can ‘Lead By Example’ and
  • Reinforce what they learn in our teen driving class.

You and your teenager will be better prepared for driving on our roads after attending our school…because we provide offensive and defensive driver training with real-world scenarios and conditions.

We know because our surveys of alumni parents tell us we are the best teen driving school in the country!

2018 Courses at Virginia International Raceway

Event DateEvent Date
March 17-18 April 21-22
June 23-24 July 14-15
Sept. 1-2 Sept. 29-30
Oct. 20-21 Nov. 10-11

Information about Directions and Lodging

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2018 Instructor Certification Clinics

March 4 & May 12.  10 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

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TDS Fun!

Teen Driving Solutions students having fun in the Maintenance clinic, and on the skid pad and Patriot track at VIR.

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Facts About Teen Driving for Parents

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For Teen Drivers, the stakes are high and the risk is grave:

Some important numbers you should know.


Driving is the number one cause of death for teenagers in America.


Over 400,000 teens are injured in crashes each year.


Over $40 billion is spent on medical and damage costs each year.


Nearly 80% of all fatal teen crashes result from simple and preventable driver error.

Life Matters

Motivational and heart warming comments from just a few of the Teen Driving Solutions family. Watch as they talk about making a difference in the lives of teens.

  • The life & safety of your teen driver is in your hands!

    Give your teen the tools they need to Arrive Alive, Every Time They Drive™!