Your Teen’s Driving Skills are the Your Responsibility as the Parent!

Not Drivers Ed, or the School System or even the Government!

Currently, teens take basic driver education at school. In most states, that’s 30 hours of classroom education and 6 hours “behind the wheel.” The primary focus of this training is to give teens the knowledge they need to pass the driver examination. This is a fundamental problem and the perspective needs to change to making sure our teens arrive alive, every time.

That responsibility falls to you, the parent.

However, before a 16- or 17-year-old teen driver can take that exam and receive their provisional license, they must complete 50-60 hours of driving with you, their “supervised driver.”

Which means that you are responsible for teaching your teen:

  • Basic driving operation
  • Safe driving techniques
  • Sound judgment and good decision-making, especially under pressure
  • How to operate a 3,000 – 4,500 pound machine in real-life road and traffic conditions

The statistics add even more pressure on you as a parent of a teen driver:

  • In the U.S., driving is the #1 cause of death among teens.
  • Each year, 400,000 more teens are injured, according the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The cost of these crashes exceeds $40 billion dollars annually; that affects your own pocketbook in insurance and car maintenance costs.

Our two-day safe teen driving course teaches teens and their parents driving fundamentals including sound judgment, good decision making, and physical control of ANY vehicle in real-life road and traffic conditions. It includes hands-on behind-the-wheel instruction in a safe, controlled environment, and classroom curriculum centered on preparing students mentally.

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For teen drivers who are:

  • At least 15 years old
  • Currently driving on a learner’s permit (or have a driver license)
  • Have a minimum of 20 hours supervised behind-the-wheel experience

Our Safe Teen Driving course includes:

  • 3 hours classroom training
  • 12 hours in-car training
    • Drivers are paired with one instructor for every two teens (the lowest instructor-to-driver ratio in the industry)
  • A parent component with classroom and behind-the-wheel training

What teen drivers learn...

…in the classroom:

  • Taking personal responsibility every time you drive
  • The danger of distracted or impaired driving and mental habits to avoid these distractions
  • How to use sound judgment and good decision-making on the road
  • The physics of safely controlling a motor vehicle in real life situations
  • How to more successfully “see” what’s ahead and around you on the road
  • Vehicle control and physics so teens understand how braking, acceleration and turning change the grip of tires on the road and can handle it accordingly

…behind the wheel:

Students may use their own vehicle or one of our training vehicles.

  • How to handle a vehicle with – and without – anti-lock brakes
  • Safe driving in reverse and successful parallel parking
  • Focal and peripheral vision
  • How to safely avoid hazards by scanning for and using escape routes
  • How to safely recover from dropping “Two Wheels Off” the road
  • How to sense the vehicle’s motion and weight transfer
  • How to react to the most common situations that lead to injury or death for new drivers:
    • Driving on a twisting road while distracted
    • Understanding the effects of impaired driving simulating .08 – .12 blood alcohol content (BAC)
    • Loss of traction of rear tires, front tires, and all tires to practice skid prevention and recovery (wet and dry conditions)
  • Proper vehicle maintenance

  • The life & safety of your teen driver is in your hands!

    Give your teen the tools they need to Arrive Alive, Every Time They Drive™!

To support parents as they continue to reinforce safe driving once everyone returns home, we encourage parents and other supervising drivers to participate in the two-day Teen Driver Training course.

“How to Coach Your Teen to Be a Safe, Confident, and Great Driver and Equip Them to Become Successful Young Adults”

with Dr. Dar, Relationship & Communication Expert

We give your teen the skills and training they need to use sound judgment, make good decisions, and safely operate any vehicle.

But like any skill, your teen driver needs practice to make sure it becomes second nature.

That’s where YOU come in—and this engaging, informative session is designed to support you.

GRIP Principles© for Involved Parents:

  • Guidance: Create a positive environment centered on goals and rules that focus on safety. Find out why teens take unnecessary risks and fail to recognize hazards (including peer pressure)—and how to handle it effectively.
  • Review: Introduce a “practice logbook” with goals and skills for each driving session. Use it to help your teen evaluate their own driving session constructively—and in a way that feels fair and positive to both of you.
  • Instruction: Learn tools for open communication, positive reinforcement, and setting rules so you feel great about teaching your teen to drive.
  • Participation: Create a partnership with your teen where they become part of the rule-setting process. Assist them with vehicle inspection, planning their drives, creating “what if” scenarios for discussion and helping them resolve peer pressure conflicts while keeping them safe.
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Hey There Parent(s),

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to Driver’s Education…but let’s be honest…you want the best for your teen…which is why you’re here!

We are the best school in the nation due to our family focused approach AND our commitment to our mantra: Arrive Alive Every Time You Drive™.

Best Teen Driving School


  • TDSS supplies vehicles and fuel
  • 2 students per instructor TDSS trained and certified Instructors
  • Maximum class size of 24 students (the lowest instructor-to-driver ratio in the industry with focus on quality, not quantity)
  • Actual total log-gable drive time per student is approximately 8 hours
  • Parents have their own separate curriculum centered on supporting their teen(s)
  • PLUS Parents participate in driving classes, drive the same exercises as the teens and ride with teens before graduation
  • Teens focus: mental skills first, vehicle control skills second
  • Parents Focus: communication skills first, lead by example second
  • At least 15 years old with a Learner Permit and a minimum of 10 hours behind the wheel experience
  • Students are graded: Pass/Fail Technical skills focus on Avoidance before recovery
  • Teens and Parents are taught GRIP Principles© Exercises structured to simulate real-world scenarios



  • Two wheels off exercise
  • Cutting edge technology used throughout program
  • Distraction exercises
  • Students are graded: Pass/Fail
  • Lunch Provided
  • Each driving exercise has an achievement standard
  • Track set up and safety crew
  • Emergency vehicles and staff on site at every event
  • Graduation Certificates Issues with passing grade
  • Follow up support available long after the program
  • Hands on Vehicle Maintenance Clinic
  • Impairment Exercise
  • Parking
  • Reverse Driving
  • Distracted Driving
  • “Rules of the Road” Review

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