Join Our Teen Ambassador Club TodayOct 23, 2011 Students and Parents

Teenagers are why the Teen Driving Solutions School was created.

Our movement is about saving lives of young drivers by eliminating auto-related preventable deaths. Outside of parents, you are more likely to seek the advice and opinion of your friends.

Our Teen Ambassador program was created in response to past teen drivers asking how they tell others about TDSS.

If you are concerned about the lives of your friends and other teens taking to the road, then this is where you can make a positive change in the world. Most importantly, you can make a difference in the lives of your friends.

A Teen Ambassador helps us spread the TDSS movement.

You do this by helping us share our message, a message that you have experienced first hand in a weekend with us.

Teen Ambassadors share our message in a variety of ways and places, for example:

  • Word of mouth with friends
  • Retweeting or sharing our posts through social media
  • Making videos about you and your friends’ experiences behind the wheel
  • Talking to parents of friends
  • Volunteering as part of the ground crew for TDSS weekends
  • Talking to your youth group at your place of worship or civic club at school

Still unsure if you should become a Teen Ambassador?

Consider this, you are a leader in your community, whether that be the community of friends, your school or your faith community.

You have the opportunity to influence other teen drivers. You have the opportunity to change lives. Additionally, colleges and universities notice your role in the community and volunteering on things that change communities.

How much time you choose to put into the Teen Ambassador program is flexible.

When you join, you will be given an opportunity to commit to several types of tasks. All we ask is that you follow through with your commitment. You may be able to become social media advocates for us, sharing our posts and interacting with us there. You may be able to volunteer at TDSS weekends. You may be able speak at community events or to come tell your story to new students at the Driving School.

On top of that, any time you spend working as a Teen Ambassador can be counted as community service hours for schools, assuming your school approves our organization.

Below is an application to join. It takes just a few minutes. Tell us how you plan to help.

Join Our Teen Ambassador Program

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Occasionally you will receive an email about special things you can do to help spread the message, or a newsletter that you can forward to prospective families.

Go ahead and join us:

We welcome you to our expanded family of helpful, passionate boosters and savers of teen lives!

Dan, Chuck, Dar, and Brian